Copenhagen Atomics Wasteburner - white paper

Copenhagen Atomics Wasteburner intro diagram


Copenhagen Atomics focus on building Molten Salt Reactors. Our first product will be a waste burner, which can burn spent nuclear fuel from Light Water Reactors (LWR.)

We process the spend nuclear fuel from LWR and extract fresh Uranium, which has the same radioactivity as uranium found when mining or found in fly ash from coal power plants.

After extracting the natural uranium, there will be a few percentages of Fission Products and Actinides left. We will continue to burn the Actinides with Thorium to eventually minimize the radioactivity

Through integrated chemical reprocessing, we will extract high value medical and industrial isotopes.

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Copenhagen Atomics is based on a funding model where people work for free or on reduced salary instead gets shares in the company.

We recognize that the uncertainty is very big in the beginning. Thus people who invest time or money early will get a significant risk bonus.

We will need substantial funding from the public and in return we will setup a charity foundation to return most of the capital gains back into society.

We also promise to be transparent and open source whenever we can and where it is no longer critical information.

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Copenhagen Atomics is the orginizatin with a shared long term goal to build at least one 40" container size molten salt reactor each day. We recruit team members from the Copenhagen Thorium Energy group.

We recognize that this technology could have a profound influence on the development of our society.

Therefore we use the public meetup as a way to discuss and learn how to best tackle potential problems and we share knowledge among citizens.

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