Most wars and poverty is a result of limits on energy supply. Most pollution is related to the burning of fossil fuels.
It is absurd that we (the people) know how to solve these BIG problems and it is highly likely that it will cost us less than
a few days of global military budget to develop this technology. Yet we (the people) shy away from it....

The long term goal of Copenhagen Atomics is to build minimum one Copenhagen Atomics Wasteburner every day
in a central factory and ship it to where it is needed. However this is an equally BIG goal and we need your support.

We (the people) have discovered how atomic fission can release a million times more energy than gasoline or dynamite
Unfortunately this discovery coincided with the second world war and the cold war that followed combined with the
testing of the atomic bombs that went on and on and on. All of this made us (the people) rightfully very scared.
However like all technologies atomic energy can be used for good and for bad.
Because of the fear of bombs and accidents from atomic energy all governments require very detailed and rigorous approval process.
This approval process has consumed the majority of the cost in any nuclear plant, which has been build in the last 30 years.

Copenhagen Atomics is an organization which aims at finding a solution to the absurd situation at the top. The problem can be
broken down to a set of technical problems, a set of political problems and a set of economic problems, which all have the
chicken and egg relationship. None of which can be solved alone. In short you cannot solve the technical problems without
funding. History has shown, that it is very difficult to predict the cost and likelihood of government approval. This
inherent approval uncertainty makes it difficult to predict the return on investment and the need to reveal all blueprints
of the design, make it highly unlikely that funding of R&D can happen in the same way as most other products.
Politicians could fund the R&D but then a high share of voters need to be convinced, that this is likely to solve the BIG
problems like war, poverty and pollution. Voters are not likely to be convinced until there is a solid technical solution.
Of course if it was an easy set of problem, it would probably have been solved already. But solution to the nuclear waste
problem and the production of abundant cheap clean energy are highly entangled and no one seems to have been able to solve
this problem for many decades. Few have had the courage to try, but Copenhagen Atomics is an organization which aims to find
a solution and lead the world forward.

In order to do so, we need your support:
You can support us in two ways:
1.) Support us with a monthly payment, in return we promise that everything we build with this money will be open sourced.
2.) Support us with knowledge and connections: If you give us your contact details and select in which areas you may be able to help us, we will then contact you when we need help in those areas.